Why Taco Bell Is So Successful On Social Media

By Amanda Craig


It’s easy to see how mastering the art of social media can make a difference in the popularity of an organization. If used correctly, social media can increase company exposure and website traffic, improve online search rankings and generate a larger consumer audience, all while reducing marketing expenses.

One brand that leads the pack in the social media world of followers, likes and retweets is Taco Bell. They use social media to engage with their consumers and promote products in real time, which has lead to an increase in sales. Taco Bell has been able to establish social media profiles with huge numbers of loyal fans, and is among the top three fast food restaurants on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram. Their content generates the more likes, shares and retweets than most major brands.

Taco Bell has been so successful on social media simply because they understand their target audience.taco_bell_old_spice Their typical consumer is of a younger generation, and their posts speak to this. Their posts use popular culture references, and they make sure to keep up with trending topics on the Internet. This makes it feel like a friend is casually speaking to you, not just a brand trying to sell their products.

Another aspect of Taco Bell’s social media strategy that has been very successful is their engagement with followers. They use Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and other popular sites to announce new products, which creates hype and incentive for consumers. For example, Taco Bell developed customer anticipation for the release of the Cool Ranch Doritos Locos Taco by giving select loyal fans on social media the opportunity to try the new tacos one day before the general public. According to the SocialBro Twitter blog, the offer generated 20,000 responses, including nearly 4,000 shares, and ultimately led to the most-successful product launch in the company’s 50-year history selling 100 million units in its the first 10 weeks.

Taco Bell truly has social media figured out. Their posts come off effortless, but the strategy behind each one shows in the amount of responses and increases in sales.


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