7 Social Media Missteps

By Amanda Craig

Social media is a great way to increase engagement between a company and its audience. If done right, it can bring significant success to the business. However, with the ability for followers to “unfollow” a company at the click of a button, it is extremely important to be strategic about how to post on social media. Below are 7 common social media blunders that every company should avoid.

  1. An imbalance of power

    Don’t focus too much on one specific social media platform because you could miss out on reaching a portion of your audience that is active on another. On the other hand, don’t spread yourself too thin and try and keep up with every single new social media tool that is introduced. Find where your audience is most active and use sites that are the most relevant to your industry.

  2. Careless posts

    A tweet with a broken hyperlink or a Facebook post with a spelling error is a sure way for a company to lose credibility. Double and triple check that each post you make is accurate and correct to avoid misleading information and confusing your audience. Casualty comes easy on social media, but don’t forget to be professional.

  3. Being impersonal

    Show your followers that your company cares by eliminating automated responses and engaging with them in real time. Respond to comments, whether they are positive or negative, in a respectful and timely manner. Always admit mistakes and be ready to step in for a little damage control if necessary – transparency is a great way to get people to trust into a brand. If you do get negative comments or feedback on a post, follow these steps to neutralize the situation.

  4. Being inconsistent

    Post content at peek times during the day so that your audience doesn’t miss out on important information. Don’t overwhelm the news feed with multiple posts in one day; on the other hand, don’t let your accounts sit without any activity for too long. Find the sweet spot when your audience is online and post regularly.

  5. Being irrelevant


    A tweet from Kenneth Cole during the Arab Spring in 2011. Yikes!

    Don’t get involved with topics that have nothing to do with your company’s core message. Trending hashtags can seem like a good idea for your posts, but they may stand for something that does not line up with your message. While it is easy to express your opinions and personal views on social media, stick to engaging with your audience about topics that are related to the brand.

  6. Bad timing

    The ability to schedule posts in advance on most social media sites saves time and makes life easier for the communication team. However, crises do occur and nothing is worse that a scheduled post seeming tasteless in regards to the current situation. Keep up with the news and put a halt to scheduled posts so that your company doesn’t seem inconsiderate.

  7. Forgetting to analyze data

    Companies that don’t know which types of content and posts are engaging their audience are failing to communicate strategically. Use a site like Google Analytics to see what’s working and what’s not so that you can improve your social media presence.

Always remember to be strategic, professional and polite with the information you share on social media and your company could benefit greatly.


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