Brand Management in the Midst of a Crisis

By Amanda Craig

Crisis Communications The most important aspect of a company is its brand. It’s one of the easiest ways to show potential customers and clients what your business is all about and public perceptions of a brand can greatly influence how successful business is.

The way a company responds in the midst of a crisis is crucial to maintaining its brand value. Crises can spin out of control and tarnish a brand if they aren’t handled the right way.

The biggest piece of advice is to have a plan set in place for crisis communications so that you are ready to address the situation right when it occurs. Create a checklist of items to run through as soon as possible to make sure everyone is on the same page with what’s going on. You must delegate who will be making the major communication decisions internally to the rest of the staff and externally to the media. Always remember, it can take years to build a positive reputation but only minutes to destroy it. Check out these tips to get prepared.

It is important to publicly acknowledge that there is an issue and the company is working to solve it. Respond to the crisis thoughtfully and in a timely manner to the press and on social media sites so that the public is stays informed. Don’t allow short-term thinking to destroy the long-term value of the brand and the business.

A company must be transparent in the midst of responding to a crisis. Consumers lose trust in brands that try to cover up a scandal or lie about the seriousness of an issue they are involved in.

Crises are never good for any brand but it doesn’t mean that all will be lost. Be prepared, respond thoughtfully and remain transparent.


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