4 Best Practices in Media Relations

by Amanda Craig

Photo by Kevrekidis on DeviantArt.

One way to get information out to the public is by making use of the media that reaches it every day. Understanding the best practices in media relations today will help you to secure some media coverage for your story. Be professional in how you communicate with them so that you can establish a working relationship for the future. Journalists can receive close to 1,000 email pitches a day, so it is extremely important stand out from the rest by following these best practices. Avoid these commonly overlooked errors in media relations and be sure to follow the four below.

1. Don’t forget about storytelling: The most important aspect of pitching to the media is making your story newsworthy. Journalists want to share content that will interest their audience, so go above and beyond to make your story stand out above the rest with details and information that sparks a reader’s interest.

2. Credibility is key: Only include accurate information that will not mislead the journalist or the public. Journalists’ reputations depend on the information that gets sent to them, so never lie or exaggerate to get your story noticed.

3. Always be accountable: Media relations is about having people skills. Strive to make the journalists’ jobs easier by respecting deadlines and sending out work that has been polished and edited for errors. Always include contact information for you and your company, and be ready to follow up with additional details if needed.

4. Target your pitch: One way to gain some media coverage on your story is by making sure you are pitching to the right audience. Instead of emailing or calling every single journalist in your contact list, take some time to find out which journalists cover the specific industry you are pitching.


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